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Learn how Warren Township High School District 121 leveraged a new technology Managed Services partner to increase technology support Knowledge, reduce ticket response time, and prepare for virtual learning, all while improving their fiscal efficiency.

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This case study gives an overview of how managed services can be implemented into business or educational institutions of any size. It shows how leveraging seasoned professionals with strong values and vision can move your
organization forward.

A little about Warren Township High School…

Warren Township High School District 121 is a public four-year high school located in Gurnee, Illinois. It has over four thousand students and is split between two locations: The O’Plaine Campus (Freshmen/Sophomore) and the Almond Campus (Juniors/Seniors). It is one of the largest high school districts in the state of Illinois.

A little about Warren Township HS Technology Department…

It is a 1:1 district with each student having a Chromebook and every faculty member given a Windows device for school use.

The institution supports:

5,000 end-user devices

Over 150 physical/virtual servers

100 printers

40 software titles

Web help desk


Given the troublesome track record with previous technology efforts, these goals were a key driver in identifying the ideal Managed Services partnership moving forward.

Cost Savings

To both save money over the existing technology footprint and accelerate ROI by receiving better quality services.


To establish best practicing Service Level Agreements, strong communications, and well-developed processes. This required on/offshore resources, and dedicated project management. Both of which had a firm grasp of the technologies and the respective best practices.


To ensure efficient productivity, the offshore team was structured to understand and seamlessly blend into the Client’s organizational culture and operate within the Client’s US time zone.


Under the Lifecycle Management MSP Offering, the following services were delivered with dedication by a functional support specialist and a technical support team.


A standardized supervision structure was created to support a strong relationship with the Client, and a 3-tier governance model was implemented in order to maintain.

Plan to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Cost

Warren Township High School was keen to improve its technical support efficiency and daily operations of the Educational Technology department. The lack of advanced skill sets within the organization impacted the technology support efficiency. Support was taking too much time, and the Help Desk tickers were either also taking too much time to complete, or not completed at all. The first step to increase technology support efficiency was to outline
organizational goals in relation to the Educational Department.


With the support of managed services provider, Warren Township was able to reach these goals:

  • 100% increase in user satisfaction due to timely issue resolution.
  • Implementation of a new Helpdesk system to better track, maintain, and report support requests from their students and staff.
  • Improved response times to technical and functional challenges.

  • Upgrade the current firewall to a next-generation device that identifies, controls, and inspects SSL encrypted traffic. This upgrade would protect the organization against viruses, spyware, data leakage, and application vulnerabilities.
  • Move a large majority of the physical servers to a cloud computing infrastructure provider to improve security and reduce/eliminate on-premise storage costs.
  • Examine and identify ways to maximize the annual budget for technology if the budget decreases.
  • Streamline processes and procedures to increase a better user experience.
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