Technology has advanced exponentially over the last decade and the techniques of cyberattacks have advanced with it. Our consultants have many years of industry experience and are constantly working to stay up to date with the different threats you could encounter. Industries best firewalls still do not prevent 100% of all risks. Soteria identifies potential risks associated with ransomwoare, Denial of Service (DOS) attacks, and attacks associated with email phishing.

We work in conjunction with the existing resources and provide the necessary expertise to support the gaps within your organization.

We are always budget conscious when looking for the right resolution. We provide a blended rate for all our consultants so that we can focus on identifying your needs and finding the right solutions within your budget.

Managed Services are good for those who are constantly coming across issues that they do not have the proper resources to resolve, especially if those issues are related to security or customer satisfaction. We also recommend Managed Services to clients who are using valuable time trying to identify threats, and it is taking away from overall productivity.

We try to support most of our clients remotely. This is something we have done prior to Covid-19 so adapting to this has not been an issue. When onsite work is needed, we schedule to come in after hours or on the weekends to limit our interactions. Our consultants are also COVID tested on a regular basis..

We are completely vendor agnostic. The need of our customers is our foremost objective.

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